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The Sun God? A Geology Lesson.

Ever wonder about HOW a civilization would come to worship “the Sun God”?   We’re told that it was because they knew the cycles of the sun made life possible.  Without it, nothing grows, and life would be nearly impossible.

Groups all over the planet have rituals of some type, inviting the God of the Sun to give us a good crop this year.  So, why are they here and there all over the planet?  Nobody seems to want to say it….society might breakdown if we understood…..

Raise your hand if you know how planets form.  Right, gravity pulls space rocks together, at first the buildup is probably at low speed, but after the pile gets to be a certain size, it’s no longer blown apart by the fast moving ones.  After that point all we would see is marks left on the surface after an impact…….and impacts there were (and ARE)!  (What is the official figure……600,000 tons…a day?!!!)  Earth is always growing in size!

“Experts” see 200+ “official” meteor impacts “discovered”.  NEWS BULLETIN:  The earth is MADE of impacts, therefore it is COVERED with impact scars, from “head” to “toe”, and there is evidence!  They say it has washed away……NO!  It hasn’t.  Point to virtually any place on earth and it is IN an impact crater.  What does this mean?

Ask Noah what it means.  Presumably the springs of the earth sprang forth, as well as the more familiar deluge.  What would do that?  A volcano?  None that I have ever heard of.

Push your finger into a balloon, what happens?  The pressure inside causes the inside to try to escape anywhere it can.  That is no doubt what happens from a large space rock impact!  Look around the Chixalub crater….nobody seems to understand that those well-known holes (Cenotes) are the way impacts vent their pressure!  You heard it here first.  The Canary Islands, French Martinique and islands to both sides, and the South Sandwich Islands are the same thing!  Not officially, of course.  In these cases the pressure release holes SEEM to be volcanic in origin, and they are, but caused by IMPACTS.  Why else would they be evenly spaced (as much as the varying crustal strength will allow) , and in a (semi-) circle?  Secret: the same distance from the center, where the impact occurred.

With all these impacts happening, why would we have people worshipping the sun even to the point of human sacrifice?  ….How about…the sun being blocked out for years?

What about volcanoes?   Enough volcanic action to make people around the world believe that the God of the sun was responsible?  Wouldn’t SOME part of the planet SEE these volcanoes, and KNOW it is NOT the “Sun God”?  If not volcanoes, then what?  Yep, space rocks.

I have a Secret: I know exactly where unrecognized remnants of an earth extinction event impact are located.  It MUST be the biggest one on earth!  What’s more, I’m positive you would agree!  Wanna bet?