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It Will Be Alright!

It’s a crazy world out there these days.  Peace and Love has been reduced to just a topic of conversation.  Well, it’s not going to be this way forever!    It WILL be alright.

“It’s a crazy world” and in the same breath, “It will be alright”?  Is this guy some kind of kook?    Time will tell…….

How could it possibly be alright??  Cars break down, loved ones may need hospitalization, kids need raised, bills need paid, jobs get lost and more.  I’ve heard it said that life is a piece of ____.  It doesn’t have to be…..

Having had a, so-called, NEAR death experience, I can think of plenty of reasons it will be alright.

There IS justice, in the end.  People who have caused suffering will receive the SAME suffering, once these few “moments”  (80 years?) are over…. and it will be intensified and multiplied.  Intensified in what way?   Well, once leaving this life, if separated from “God”, there is no hope, no goodness, no love, no people, and no chance for change.  A murderer will FEEL….. “LIVE” being murdered, from now on (multiplied!)!  Someone wronging you today WILL GET THEIRS.  No need to hate.  If eventually going to be away from God, forever, (supposedly can’t tell UNTIL then) that same hate could be turned against us.   Thanks, but “no thanks”.

(Think what you will…)  I saw Jesus, during my experience.  Think about the change in perspective when you KNOW there is A God.  There is a God, and there will be justice?!   That sounds hopeful, huh.

Now lets add to that the fact that, the moment we…pass on (“death”)…and arrive “there”,  we have no clue as to how we got there.  Car wreck?  Drowned?  Murdered?  It is over, and DOES NOT MATTER…. knowing that there is justice, and everything will be alright!  Add to that the fact that EVERYONE will receive THEIR “just deserts”, suddenly the things that happened before are TOTALLY unimportant…. including how we “died”!

Do you want one of those “goofy” lives where, things going wrong DON’T MATTER?  Do you want to look like one of those air-heads in the old movies where the people are happy, even when they’re being shat upon?  The “secret” is out…… this is how that’s done.

It WILL BE alright.



Forgive Us, to the Same Degree That We Forgive…..

When thinking about being forgiven, then being allowed into “Heaven”, my thought process went like this….”I’m not THAT “bad”, I’ve seen worse…I forgive people.” Then I attempt to put names with the “forgiven”…the ones whose “trespasses” are all but forgotten. The people who are forgiven, AND trusted, just like “before”. It was a short list. I know better, and yet…
Raise your hand if you’ve heard something like, “…and forgive us, as we forgive those who trespass against us”, or something similar. What DOES that mean, exactly?
At first look, it seems to mean…I forgive (some)(enough to prove I can do it…I don’t need to be highly successful at it. I’ll still be 100% “forgivable”, cuz’ I’m OK.). Well, I had better do better! Why?
Few could guess that, “as we forgive…” isn’t SAYING “WHILE” we forgive, or “BECAUSE” we forgive. It DOES mean, “to the same DEGREE” that we forgive….. It’s JUSTICE, SIMPLE and PERFECT. So says THIS death survivor. (There was nothing “NEAR” about it!)

Don’t Forget Me………….

The same old woman who told me she, “went to bed 49 (years old) and woke up 60”, in later years, said, “Don’t forget me.”, which was understood to mean, after she passes from this life.  With only half a life lived, it seemed odd to hear someone older say such a thing.  She had always been such a strong, proper woman, and here was this…emotion.

How do you explain to someone that you couldn’t POSSIBLY forget them, and, having common beliefs, it should be only a temporary parting?  At that moment, it was obvious that, even folks “ready” for the end of this life, are….apprehensive, even scared!  That has got to be…….an annoyance.

What if…….something “bad” happens to someone else, and, even though a person IS willing to help, maybe they don’t help because of some perceived threat of the end of their existence. Yeah…it’s like this…how many people are willing to take a homeless person….for supper (much less home)?  One percent of us?  Less?  There must be so very many situations with similar “concerns”.

Thankfully, most death “survivors” have no such dilemma. These individuals tend to think more like, what is the worst that could happen?   ……………………..Staying down here until you’re 110 years old would seem to make sense, as the worst, from that perspective.

Don’t forget me.

To begin with….do you know….say….every job your father has ever held, EVER.  How about….how long your grandfather held the job he had when your (parent) was born?  OK, try this, your great-grandfathers’ middle name?  Presumably this means you won’t know HIS fathers’ middle name either, huh?  Most people won’t.  One more….name any five of the laborers who helped build the Egyptian pyramids.  The point?  We will all be forgotten, in this life, it’s just a matter of how long it takes.  So….it’s certainly not worth worrying about.

From a death survivors’ point of view, most of the “stuff” we do is a waste.  When it comes to…how do I say this….big…to-do’s, like, death processions, and talking, in public, extra nice about the deceased…..it’s a grand WASTE.  That person is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far away from here, AND, (whether they know it’s being done, or not) THEY DON’T CARE, one billionth of an iota…whatever that is.  Justice WILL happen, as they now have seen, and  life was just a wisp from a forgotten dream.  It wouldn’t be Heaven, if you’re watching what’s going on “down here”.  Right?  Am I right?

Don’t forget me?  Forget it!  We’ll meet again, in what seems to be mere moments.

I’ll Kill Myself and Go Somewhere Better…Says Who?

What makes people think they can kill themselves, and go somewhere better?!?  Do they think there is never an undesirable outcome after death?  What about “ghosts”?  Presumably they (ghosts) are trapped here.  This isn’t to say that there are ghosts, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  The point is, if they believe in the existence of something resembling “hell”, or in trapped spirits,  or some such, they’d better think again before thinking suicide!  It gets worse….yeah, worse.

The answer to the suicide/Heaven formula?  Zero.  That’s the chance of having a good outcome from suicide.  I am sorry.  The Kid with a thousand questions expected a different answer!

You know….life is tough!  It seems like God would have pity on people who….just can’t make life “work”.  You know, the whole God/forgiveness thing.  That simply wasn’t the case.

THIS is the answer to the question of suicide…..Just for the record, I don’t feel it’s fair….apparently suicide is unforgivable, according to what I’ve seen {I mean, the Kid has seen).  Why?  Because, you’ve chosen to tell God, “to hell with your plan for my life, I’m doing what I think is best!”.

You don’t see people who have had a so-called “near death experience” committing suicide.  These people have seen death….and bliss….who WOULDN’T want to go back ASAP?  But they don’t, do they?

So VERY many good things come from people who have borne the unbearable…maybe it’s almost “required” in order to do the BEST things(?).

That’s it.  Like all answers from/about God….simple.

Is Death the End?

This one is in the top 10 unanswerable questions asked. Let me put it this way….while I was “away” from life, going through these events that are associated with death, I tried to remember what I was doing LAST.  How did I get here/there?  I had to STRAIN to remember.  Life was now such a…non-factor…like a boring story you heard LONG ago.  I could have burned to death, or worse (?), and couldn’t care less!  I know it, I am DEAD….but I still exist!

NO. Death is not the end, from what I have seen.

Uh oh, this changes….everything. How do I act?  How do I treat strangers?  Do I hoard gold, or use it (up) for good?  (Every action will be exactly like in “Schindlers List”, where Oscar Schindler looks at his ring, and wonders how many lives it could have bought. No big deal….just words?  For impact, let’s say those lives not bought were you and your family.)

What Happened to the Kid, to die and come back, short and sweet?

The young idealist asked for a miracle….to know the answers to the “question(s) of the ages”…is there a deity, is there really any justice, how does “life” fit into the “big picture”, and more. This is the result….

One day, that was no different than any other, a walk in the park turned into…an unforgettable…occurrence. Two brothers walking, and talking…one says something about death, the other says, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve already…………done it”. In that moment, details, memories of occurrences that hadn’t happened yet (!!?), and information of all sorts….POURED….in.

Afterward, lifes’ focus became this “death download”. At the time, there was no memory of the cause of “the event”.
THE EVENT….Suddenly, there was a tunnel…a valley, really (no top OR bottom!) Rushing forward at unbelievable speed, wondering what is being rushed away from….a look back. The entire universe shrinks to a pinpoint, then GONE in seconds! Turning back forward, still rushing forward ten times as far, there is a sudden stop. There was no one there. There was no THING there. There was no heat. There was no light. How far out was the next……….. anything? There’s you, and NOTHING.

There was no hope! There was no help! There was no LOVE!! There is no TIME!! It felt like it could last forever!! “I must be dead! Well, if I AM dead, then I only need to call”  the name of the One (I believe is the One) who can “save me….”.

Then, a moment to look back at every second of life, and not from a personal perspective only. The things that were said and done in life are also seen from the other peoples’ perspective. Everything the wronged person felt, has come home to roost. Calling out the name….POOF, gone. Now standing…somewhere…looking down toward the ground. WOW!! What the….

Then, conscious of a beautiful light, the natural thing to do is look up. No biggie, simple enough…until it’s realized exactly WHERE this likely is! Thinking this may be the only chance, to find out for yourself, and all you’ve got to do is raise your head. Instead, knees get weak. Must remain standing….. and… look up! It can’t be done!! “This is just like people getting an audience with a king…… and this is likely the king of kings!!”
Yeah, knees get weak, and (they all will) fall to the floor. But, that isn’t enough. Absolutely un”worthy” to be in the same “room” with this person, you’re on your face. (What is lower than on your face?) What is it that makes a person “need” to look up, having only one chance? Is it strength, or weakness?

It seems most would not be able to look into the face of…..the One. It takes all the strength a body can muster to look up, and to see the face, through the brilliant light. The kid…remember the kid…sees the face, and says, “I knew it was true, I KNEW it was true!”

Instantaneously there is conversation and information, that should take months to speak, “available” (and, it’s not for personal use). After agreeing to “go back”, there’s a sense of urgency, but “what about the thousand questions?”. “You will have the answer to your thousand questions”. That means you get to stay, right? Not so fast, buster…….down the dark tunnel (that felt like a bottomless pit!), and back to the living.

Having seen all this, knowing, by the things you’ve seen, that it was so very real, so LARGE it….almost can’t be spoken!  Who needs the answers to those piddly little questions of a little kid? That kid did. So a list was started.