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Have you ever promised God that you would do ANYTHING….that’s ANYTHING God wanted…if you could just SEE Him for yourself?  After all, just to know that…there IS a God would be life-changing, yes?  You would see God, immediately know what you were supposed to do next, and you (happily) get right on it!  Sound about right?

It sounds so easy……

Mid-teens….BEGGING for this same thing…for two years (forever, at that age).  With unfaltering belief…….patiently waiting…..  Then, WHAM…my car is suddenly many feet shorter….the truck hadn’t yielded.

The good friend in my passenger seat runs in to the nearest phone to call for help.  Meanwhile, I “come to”, get out, track him down…..his eyes get as big as saucers, when he sees me!  “You were DEAD!”, he says.  There’s only one question that should come after that……”WHAT??”, I say.  “YOU W-E-R-E  D-E-A-D”, he repeats it.  I’m dazed, and he’s goofy, I figure.  My reply, “Well I’m NOT DEAD NOW…..!”.  Then, back to matters at hand.

MONTHS later, in seconds, all this…information….POURED into my head.  It turns out to have been the recollection of what they now call a “near death experience”.  I had/have details NOBODY could just …KNOW.

So what?  So…what to do with all this…stuff?  What else, tell family and friends.  Naturally…. they’ll shoot you down.  What is this supposed to be accomplishing anyway?  How about just waiting….until there is a history of ….sanity….to point to.  It’s a plan.

Forty-plus years later….that plan won’t work!  Such talk at this age just means you’re starting to “lose your marbles”!?  That’s just GREAT…..

The goal, and the promise?  To tell every person alive all the….GOOD news….way before the internet existed, nigh, impossible.

Now “possible”…..what to do?  What to say?  ….It is NOT easy……





I’m at the Life Review.  (You’ll get your chance.)  In mere MOMENTS, every single act, and thought I EVER did and had was all around me, as if happening for the first time!  And yet, the entire thing happened so FAST, it was over before my brain could register it.  But I remembered it all!

As if that wasn’t strange enough, I saw things as if I was on the receiving end of things I had said and done.  To me it seemed like the effects were amplified somewhat.  It’s that or…some of the things I had said…cut to the bone?  Or were those “recipients” just (too) “sensative”?  …No, that was not the answer.

I would come to a place, in this…thought stealing review, that I would feel I needed to…defend my actions.  Over and over I would begin by saying, “yeah, but”…and that would be the end of the moment, moving on to the next.  After this had occured several times, I realized that my “yeah, but” “explanation” carried no weight.  It wasn’t that it was a “lie”, more like…you should have known better, AND WOULD HAVE, if truly coming from a place of love!

There it is…the “afterlife’s” standards for admission, and now you know, when your turn comes, that “but.” is always the end of the sentence.


The End Is NOT “The” End, Guaranteed

Have you ever thought about your own future?  Of course you have.

Have you ever noticed that most “religions” talk about a “Good” place, and a “Bad” place that each of us will go to, after “death”.   (…why do they call it death, when, either way, they say, you’ll live on?)

I’m contemplating how to say ONE thing (like…Love is the answer to every question…) … that would get people to seriously consider their own outlook on life…and “death”… and FUTURE.  What came up?   Never mind what Gods’ name is….nevermind what location, exactly, you will be going to.  It would seem that living a life based on caring and helpfulness would be better than ALL the other alternatives!   …then everybody comes out ahead.  Remember…the one belief, that most people have about life after …”passing”… it’s a continuation.

Well, if you’re not sure that Jesus, or Budda, or others, were on to something, THINK ABOUT THIS… “The End” IS NOT “THE” END!  Actually, there is NO end!   ….Now what?

(Another message from (a quite opinionated person, as a result of being …) a “near” death survivor.)

Trump Wins, and How We Know It

OK.  Maybe you’ve heard the one about a guy saying that the Iran hostages would be held 444 days, weeks after they were taken….it WAS 444 days.

Then there’s the one about a guy telling friends that he would die when he was 34, in the month of April or May, when he would have a child 3 1/2-5 years old (not 3, not 4, three and a half).  No, he didn’t die….but his only child was paralyzed…the operation planned in April, done in May, resulting in paralysis!  He was 34 years old.  She was one week away from 3 1/2!

This same fella claimed to have chosen correctly concerning every Presidential election for over 40 years, making every choice at least six months ahead.  He has had witnesses to proclamations, such as, Reagan and Clinton having second terms…both times it was before they were elected the first time!!  The same with Bush, only he came with a caveat….”we will regret it!”.

Today’s Proclamation……Trump will win the election.  It’s not much of a call at this point….the republicans are stepping up their evil ways, now, blocking a legitimate candidate for the Supreme Court, etc, etc, etc..  Nevermind the country’s business that NEEDS done.  THIS IS WHAT MADE TRUMP POSSIBLE!  IDIOTS! 




Jesus Was NOT A Zombie

Zombies can’t speak…

Zombies don’t have a radiance so bright that you need permission to see through…

A zombie movie, two hours?  YOUR LIFE “movie”, YEARS long, SEEN in SECONDS…

Seeing zombies makes people run away, not kneel…


Zombies do not give you a second chance!

(This represents the view of one that has had a “near” death experience.  Zombies represented here may or may not hold similar views…)

Everything I Own……..

It has been suggested that we give away everything we own, if we want to “get right”.

Some would say that THEY can “get right” even WITH…everything they own.  Then there’s the small matter of, the (near) death experience….waiting… CHANGE EVERYTHING!

Reasoning it out…….

Who really WANTS to give everything they own AWAY?  Ask around.  How many would have to be asked before a “taker” would be found, eh?

So…..what would it take to make it possible for a person to WANT TO give away everything?  More accurately, to accept possessing nothing.  Ummmm…..

How about trading it…to save a life… that of a loved-one, perhaps.

There ARE drawbacks to having a lot of “stuff”.  It seems that the more stuff you own, the more resources are required to maintain these things.  Boxes, bins, shelves, cabinets, no closet space(!), room additions, warehouses, rental storage?  Oil changes, tool sharpening, rust prevention….CASH!  If that’s not enough to entice a degree of change….

Here’s how one NDE person would look at it.

“Stuff” costs the one thing you can’t get back…time.  (In “The End” it will likely be called, “all that wasted time”.)

Plus, “in the end”, you CAN’T take it with you!

Many death experience people also come to a sort of…waiting place.  There is nothing in this waiting place.  There is NOTHING.  You own NOTHING.  You have NOTHING.  You can get to NOTHING, and NOTHING can be seen in your future to change it!  NOTHING!  EVER!!   (Scary?!)  Thankfully there IS a way out, though.

So, the answer is….it (“stuff”) WILL be GONE in the end (as in, no use to you).  So, the question is….straight from “NDEguy”….How BAD will it be when instantly going from having “everything”, to having nothing??  On the other hand, how scary would it be, going from nothing (in life), instantly to nothing in the waiting place.  No biggie!  THEN, GIVEN EVERYTHING!!  ….AND MORE!!!  WHOA!!  That’s Heavensense.