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Trump Wins, and How We Know It

OK.  Maybe you’ve heard the one about a guy saying that the Iran hostages would be held 444 days, weeks after they were taken….it WAS 444 days.

Then there’s the one about a guy telling friends that he would die when he was 34, in the month of April or May, when he would have a child 3 1/2-5 years old (not 3, not 4, three and a half).  No, he didn’t die….but his only child was paralyzed…the operation planned in April, done in May, resulting in paralysis!  He was 34 years old.  She was one week away from 3 1/2!

This same fella claimed to have chosen correctly concerning every Presidential election for over 40 years, making every choice at least six months ahead.  He has had witnesses to proclamations, such as, Reagan and Clinton having second terms…both times it was before they were elected the first time!!  The same with Bush, only he came with a caveat….”we will regret it!”.

Today’s Proclamation……Trump will win the election.  It’s not much of a call at this point….the republicans are stepping up their evil ways, now, blocking a legitimate candidate for the Supreme Court, etc, etc, etc..  Nevermind the country’s business that NEEDS done.  THIS IS WHAT MADE TRUMP POSSIBLE!  IDIOTS! 





How to Make a Miracle

There once was a family of three.  One child is all there would be.  As one might imagine, this situation made that one child extra special, in the eyes of the parents.  Naturally.

The child was still a toddler when it was discovered that heart surgery would soon be needed.

To make a long (and agonizing) story short, the little legs on this darling would no longer function, afterward.

Doctors and nurses would come in every hour or two, checking blood pressure, giving medicine, poking, prodding…yes, the full treatment….hoping, and watching for any sign of return of function.  Hours go by, then days.  The first few hours would be their best hope.  If not hours, there is still hope for many days.

Days turn into weeks.  One week…still hope.  Two weeks, a little less hope.  After three weeks, they’re moving into “forget it land”.  You know the place.  It’s where even the “powers that be” agree to purchase a teeny tiny wheelchair for the three year old parapalegic.  The tiny, folding chair made it so weekends at home were finally possible.

Somehow, life must go on.  Sure, you might forget your name most of the time….but….  So it’s week three, week four, week five.  Who knows what day it is…..  Another weekend, and another trip home.

Packing up, getting ready for the hour long ride home.  Oh, visitors come, just as it is time to leave.  The mother strikes up a conversation, for a few minutes.  The father sits, in a daze…a fog….the twilight zone!  (After all, he IS the one that gave the go ahead.) Every waking (and otherwise) moment is spent trying to maximize the chances of recovery, in any way, to any degree possible.

Having thought, and planned, and investigated everything that anyone mentioned that might help, what is left?  Only…..a miracle.  Sure, like these people deserve a miracle!?  Uh huh…….  Well…what do they have to lose?

Dad begins to talk to God (a lot of people call it “praying”), silently.  Nothing happens, surprise!  With a clear mind, he continues to “speak”, and seek.  He feels the need to lay his hands on the affliction, though he is absolutely against “hocus pocus”.

Now attempting to…transmit…some of his strength to those legs, thoughts run wild!  Thoughts of, what will these people think, if they see what is going on over here.  Nobody does, so continue.  Why would this work??  This can’t work (now, here)”, he thinks.  Then it begins….why NOT now?  why NOT here?!  Why NOT for this innocent child?!  A wave of…….anything is possible….came over him.

Yes, why NOT.  Well…………………what if, with functioning legs, something worse ends up happening?  Who IS this guy who thinks he knows better than the Almighty, what is best for this child?!!  So he backs off his request, and asks for whatever it is that He (the Almighty) wants for this little life, fully knowing it may mean giving up a miracle.

Finally, someone notices dads hands on the legs.  “What are you doing?”.  “Nothing”.  They all leave.

One hour later, back home…..a fresh set of clothes will feel more “homey”.  WHAT’S THIS?!!  Toes move!!  Feet slightly move!!  They were checked minutes before leaving the hospital, an hour before!!  That’s ALL that happens, but still………….  After five weeks….checked continually, day and night, by professionals, and this one hour is when this happened???

Once again, yes, this was us/me, the dad.   And the debate begins.

The one thing that comes to mind, after YEARS of contemplation, as far as an “answer” goes is, “Your faith has healed you”.  Jesus wasn’t healing that person, they touched HIM, and were healed!  What He said makes me think…..

Then, there was Jesus telling  His followers, they would do things greater than He himself did!  What do these things mean?

I KNOW what I think it means……..   It appears that EVERYONE has this available.  How do we qualify for this power?  THAT I don’t know.

The Answer to the Thousand Questions

Who knows why some people have experienced death and live to tell about it.  How are these people chosen, or is it random?  Does a person have to be special in some way to have a near death experience?  Is God real? Which religion is the correct religion?  Will there ever be Justice?  Does it hurt when you die?

These are just a very few of the questions that I always wondered about.  I swore I would do ANYTHING to know the answers to “a thousand” questions.  ANY THING.  When there was no answer, I swore I would wait as long as it took.  Not even knowing what to expect an answer to look like, or define, I would be anxiously patient.    Patience isn’t easy at age 14!   It took “forever” for “something” to happen……yeah…..three years is ALL!   It changed EVERYTHING.

While strolling through the park one day, yes it’s true.  It was August, alright?.  My brother, Angelboy, and I were walking past Ronald Reagans’ (and most of my families’) high school.   I don’t even remember the subject, but he said something about “death”, and how it was scary, when……

All this…information…and…memories GUSHED into my head, at a speed my “self” couldn’t possibly keep up with!!  The memories were so…indescribable…huge…beyond words, that it took a couple years just to verbalize a rough outline of that moment/event.  Peace?  PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACE!!!!  No worries?  As if worries were never invented!!!!   I eventually came across the words, “a strangely compressed movie” to describe “It”….it included… a life review.

This “movie”/life review took, how long?  Maybe two seconds, and every second of my life had been looked at (by all of Heaven, and me).  It gets worse.  Every thought, every reasoning, every motive was seen…crystal clearly.  Every single one!!  Once I was put in “the moment”, I REMEMBERED thinking this and that!!  I would be trying to “explain” to the reviewers…I’d get as far as, “But…..”, but there is no “but” big enough to mask the truth.  That’s all I got out, “But,”, “But”, “But”.  That was not a great image builder.  Now, YOU tell ME, how does all that happen in two seconds?

While “there” I had realized (and how can THIS be?), there is NO time…time does not exist.   THAT is how there is a “forever”!!!  I know it as fact.  Explain how it’s possible?  NO chance.  But, now I understand!

OK.  In the name of not going over the same information all over the place, I’ll skip forward to when…..

I understand I must return to life in this world.  My “essence” is drawing me toward the “exit”.  Then I realize, “Last chance!!!  Should I say (what I’m thinking)…YES!!”.  I say, “but I have a thousand questions!”.  The response?  “You will have the answer to your thousand questions.”   YEA!!  Whoopee!!  Now I get to stay!!!  WRONG.  I get a brief sense of falling and POOF, I’m back into this life.  What a rip off!

The thing that has worked best for me, in order to remember an answer (complete with the reasons WHY, many of which I couldn’t possibly know), was, being asked a question.  I know this sounds goofy (too) but, there would be the “perfect and SIMPLE” answer, that I’m not smart enough to come up with…..proof in itself.

So I started a list.  The list was approaching 300 answers when something happened.  It was a “miracle”, in my estimation.

A friend and I were playing pool (very, very well).  We’re talking about my long-standing feeling that making this list was a waste of time, and that there could be as few as one answer to my thousand questions.  There’s a knock on the door.  An acquaintance comes in.  He has just one minute, but had new pictures of his daughter to show off.

This could be saving you years and years of pondering…….

The man shows us the pictures…….he says……….”I sure…..”  I saw it coming!!!!!  By the time he said, “…do…”,  I hollered out, “LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, at the same time he said “love her”!  They all thought I’d lost it, but……. I had just GOTTEN it!!!  I’m making a list, to make sure I get my one thousand answers, when ONE WORD answers every question!!!  Wow, did I feel tiny (but happy!).

(Did anybody else realize something that had bothered me for years?!  “Answer” to a thousand questions, He said.  The word “answer”, in the phrase “you will have the answer…”, is singular!  For YEARS, beforehand, I had told anybody who would listen, that phrase, IN THE SINGULAR tense!!)

Love.  A work in progress.

God Pulls the Weeds

#5 of 5
After “life”, all communication is mind to mind, and at a speed that we, trapped here in time, couldn’t even IMAGINE keeping up with. Understanding exactly what was MEANT by what was said was also….refreshing!  Language itself is so VERY inadequate!  Just about everything said, by most people, can be misunderstood!  Considering that there are also hundreds of languages, it’s rather amazing that things like international agreements EVER succeed!

This kid, looking for answers to all the tough questions, after seeing Heaven, was so very happy to finally know the truth of everything, that the promises started to flow!  How about turning charity on its’ head and give 90%, and live on 10%?!  Life is only a few moments of work. It’ll be easy………..?  You already know about the kid promising to tell every living soul about this experience.  And, this was before the internet, so impossible.  Hmmmm…..

Imagine you are…”God”. You need to weed out “the wicked”. All the souls that will ever live could be called together and told, “OK, I want all those among you, who love others as much as you love yourself, and love justice and peace, to move to the front, into the light, here in front of me. The rest of you, get out of my sight. On your way out, you WILL sign up for your much deserved eternal punishments.” No, that wouldn’t work, everyone would claim to be saintly. No one would leave.

What would be “the perfect proof”?  How about, as God, you reach into the brain of every individual and make them experience thousands of opportunities to prove their love of love. We’ll call it…… “life”.  It’s broken up into tiny little sections, so as to allow each participant plenty of chance to arrive at their “final answer”. These sections we’ll call “time”.

Once it’s all over, it is clear that only a moment has passed, and anything that may have happened during that moment  is just a memory. In addition, that opportunity will, presumably, never again be available.

The Answer to the 1000 Questions.

#4 of 5
The kid who still has a thousand questions is in shock. WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!! Wide awake, with a trustworthy brother as a “witness”……(nicknamed “Angelboy” his entire childhood)…. this didn’t happen, did it? What about the knowledge, that people normally don’t have, that remains after this experience?
This next bit is great!
Not knowing the reason for this type of experience the kid formulates a test. The test? List the 1000 questions that, presumably, The Almighty, personally, said the kid would have the ANSWER to. If there aren’t a thousand, maybe the experience had been….something else, and/or not real. No, it was more real than life itself. So, the list is started. The list to test God…. Yeah.
It takes very little time to come up with a good sized list. The kid counts…it’s over 100. While very impressive, the change in ONE DAY, it is not 1000.
The list of answered questions continues to grow as the days pass. Soon it tops 200, and climbing fast. Anybody can see at this point that, given time enough, 1000 answers could be doable!  The kid won’t be cheated by God after all, surprise!  The list is abandoned. This was not the proof, the “miraculous” proof that would say, “yes, it was real”, or even, “Guess again”. One must be patient.
Life goes on….with a singular focus in the back of your mind….and a feeling that “the List” had been constructed wrong. It was “too full”….too full? There were less than 300 on the list of answered questions, what happens when there are a thousand!  Maybe it could be preferable to make a list, numbered one to 1000, then, use 2-3 words to describe each of the 1000. No, that is still “too full”. Say what? That’s it.
Life goes on. The question remains, too full, too full, too full. There is no explanation for it, but, it seemed that, by adding one word to the majority of the 1000 lines, most of the rest would be unnecessary. Say what?
Time goes by (irretrievably).
A year or more since the original list was begun, two friends were speaking about the, seemingly, nonsensical “problem” concerning “too full”. The words were spoken, “it seems like it could be boiled down to….needing one word….”
“Knock, knock.” A visitor is at the door. “No time to stay”, but he talks proudly of his young children. He is proud and happy to be a father. He begins to say, “I really……” , BUT, he’s interrupted by the kid….the one with a thousand questions. A loud voice says, “LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!!! Love is the answer to every (practical) question!!!” The visitor thought the kid had lost it…until they talked, and agreed, love is the answer to at least ONE THOUSAND(+) questions.
Recap: Kid won’t be “happy” until God proves he’s there. Kid gets “proof”. Not good enough, you lie, there are possibly not 1000 answers……….besides, they came too slow to be real, ALSO,….. Ooops. One word…answered…the…1000 questions………..all at once………………………………………………………………………

What Happened to the Kid, to die and come back, short and sweet?

The young idealist asked for a miracle….to know the answers to the “question(s) of the ages”…is there a deity, is there really any justice, how does “life” fit into the “big picture”, and more. This is the result….

One day, that was no different than any other, a walk in the park turned into…an unforgettable…occurrence. Two brothers walking, and talking…one says something about death, the other says, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve already…………done it”. In that moment, details, memories of occurrences that hadn’t happened yet (!!?), and information of all sorts….POURED….in.

Afterward, lifes’ focus became this “death download”. At the time, there was no memory of the cause of “the event”.
THE EVENT….Suddenly, there was a tunnel…a valley, really (no top OR bottom!) Rushing forward at unbelievable speed, wondering what is being rushed away from….a look back. The entire universe shrinks to a pinpoint, then GONE in seconds! Turning back forward, still rushing forward ten times as far, there is a sudden stop. There was no one there. There was no THING there. There was no heat. There was no light. How far out was the next……….. anything? There’s you, and NOTHING.

There was no hope! There was no help! There was no LOVE!! There is no TIME!! It felt like it could last forever!! “I must be dead! Well, if I AM dead, then I only need to call”  the name of the One (I believe is the One) who can “save me….”.

Then, a moment to look back at every second of life, and not from a personal perspective only. The things that were said and done in life are also seen from the other peoples’ perspective. Everything the wronged person felt, has come home to roost. Calling out the name….POOF, gone. Now standing…somewhere…looking down toward the ground. WOW!! What the….

Then, conscious of a beautiful light, the natural thing to do is look up. No biggie, simple enough…until it’s realized exactly WHERE this likely is! Thinking this may be the only chance, to find out for yourself, and all you’ve got to do is raise your head. Instead, knees get weak. Must remain standing….. and… look up! It can’t be done!! “This is just like people getting an audience with a king…… and this is likely the king of kings!!”
Yeah, knees get weak, and (they all will) fall to the floor. But, that isn’t enough. Absolutely un”worthy” to be in the same “room” with this person, you’re on your face. (What is lower than on your face?) What is it that makes a person “need” to look up, having only one chance? Is it strength, or weakness?

It seems most would not be able to look into the face of…..the One. It takes all the strength a body can muster to look up, and to see the face, through the brilliant light. The kid…remember the kid…sees the face, and says, “I knew it was true, I KNEW it was true!”

Instantaneously there is conversation and information, that should take months to speak, “available” (and, it’s not for personal use). After agreeing to “go back”, there’s a sense of urgency, but “what about the thousand questions?”. “You will have the answer to your thousand questions”. That means you get to stay, right? Not so fast, buster…….down the dark tunnel (that felt like a bottomless pit!), and back to the living.

Having seen all this, knowing, by the things you’ve seen, that it was so very real, so LARGE it….almost can’t be spoken!  Who needs the answers to those piddly little questions of a little kid? That kid did. So a list was started.

The Kid with a Thousand Questions

Entry #1    Got questions about life or death? Who doesn’t? For instance, what IS life all about? Should I care about others? Could I? What is death like? These questions, and more, cross our mind at some time in our lives.  Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we could have the answers to all such questions?!  What if it was possible to actually SEE, and especially, TALK with anyone in the “afterlife”?  Knowing, simply, that there is SOMETHING/SOMEONE there, would anyone really need the answers to all those questions?  A kid (named Thomas?) did.

A kid wouldn’t know not to make promises that are impossible to keep…..promises like, “If I could only SEE, for myself”, if stories about an afterlife were true, this kid would tell “every single person in the world” what was there.  Dumb kid……………………………………………?  Kids, also, don’t realize that most people will just figure that this kid is a couple bricks short of a load……”crazy”.  Still, some kids, naïve as they are, wouldn’t care about that….and go ahead and tell people what’s what…………….brave kids!

This is the report of just that kind of kid, getting what he asked for ….oh…boy….  Each future entry aims to answer one of….a thousand questions that we won’t know the answers to, until this life is over…..usually.  Believe what you will.