Everything I Own……..

It has been suggested that we give away everything we own, if we want to “get right”.

Some would say that THEY can “get right” even WITH…everything they own.  Then there’s the small matter of, the (near) death experience….waiting…..to CHANGE EVERYTHING!

Reasoning it out…….

Who really WANTS to give everything they own AWAY?  Ask around.  How many would have to be asked before a “taker” would be found, eh?

So…..what would it take to make it possible for a person to WANT TO give away everything?  More accurately, to accept possessing nothing.  Ummmm…..

How about trading it…to save a life… that of a loved-one, perhaps.

There ARE drawbacks to having a lot of “stuff”.  It seems that the more stuff you own, the more resources are required to maintain these things.  Boxes, bins, shelves, cabinets, no closet space(!), room additions, warehouses, rental storage?  Oil changes, tool sharpening, rust prevention….CASH!  If that’s not enough to entice a degree of change….

Here’s how one NDE person would look at it.

“Stuff” costs the one thing you can’t get back…time.  (In “The End” it will likely be called, “all that wasted time”.)

Plus, “in the end”, you CAN’T take it with you!

Many death experience people also come to a sort of…waiting place.  There is nothing in this waiting place.  There is NOTHING.  You own NOTHING.  You have NOTHING.  You can get to NOTHING, and NOTHING can be seen in your future to change it!  NOTHING!  EVER!!   (Scary?!)  Thankfully there IS a way out, though.

So, the answer is….it (“stuff”) WILL be GONE in the end (as in, no use to you).  So, the question is….straight from “NDEguy”….How BAD will it be when instantly going from having “everything”, to having nothing??  On the other hand, how scary would it be, going from nothing (in life), instantly to nothing in the waiting place.  No biggie!  THEN, GIVEN EVERYTHING!!  ….AND MORE!!!  WHOA!!  That’s Heavensense.


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