Is Death the End?

This one is in the top 10 unanswerable questions asked. Let me put it this way….while I was “away” from life, going through these events that are associated with death, I tried to remember what I was doing LAST.  How did I get here/there?  I had to STRAIN to remember.  Life was now such a…non-factor…like a boring story you heard LONG ago.  I could have burned to death, or worse (?), and couldn’t care less!  I know it, I am DEAD….but I still exist!

NO. Death is not the end, from what I have seen.

Uh oh, this changes….everything. How do I act?  How do I treat strangers?  Do I hoard gold, or use it (up) for good?  (Every action will be exactly like in “Schindlers List”, where Oscar Schindler looks at his ring, and wonders how many lives it could have bought. No big deal….just words?  For impact, let’s say those lives not bought were you and your family.)


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