The Answer to the 1000 Questions.

#4 of 5
The kid who still has a thousand questions is in shock. WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!! Wide awake, with a trustworthy brother as a “witness”……(nicknamed “Angelboy” his entire childhood)…. this didn’t happen, did it? What about the knowledge, that people normally don’t have, that remains after this experience?
This next bit is great!
Not knowing the reason for this type of experience the kid formulates a test. The test? List the 1000 questions that, presumably, The Almighty, personally, said the kid would have the ANSWER to. If there aren’t a thousand, maybe the experience had been….something else, and/or not real. No, it was more real than life itself. So, the list is started. The list to test God…. Yeah.
It takes very little time to come up with a good sized list. The kid counts…it’s over 100. While very impressive, the change in ONE DAY, it is not 1000.
The list of answered questions continues to grow as the days pass. Soon it tops 200, and climbing fast. Anybody can see at this point that, given time enough, 1000 answers could be doable!  The kid won’t be cheated by God after all, surprise!  The list is abandoned. This was not the proof, the “miraculous” proof that would say, “yes, it was real”, or even, “Guess again”. One must be patient.
Life goes on….with a singular focus in the back of your mind….and a feeling that “the List” had been constructed wrong. It was “too full”….too full? There were less than 300 on the list of answered questions, what happens when there are a thousand!  Maybe it could be preferable to make a list, numbered one to 1000, then, use 2-3 words to describe each of the 1000. No, that is still “too full”. Say what? That’s it.
Life goes on. The question remains, too full, too full, too full. There is no explanation for it, but, it seemed that, by adding one word to the majority of the 1000 lines, most of the rest would be unnecessary. Say what?
Time goes by (irretrievably).
A year or more since the original list was begun, two friends were speaking about the, seemingly, nonsensical “problem” concerning “too full”. The words were spoken, “it seems like it could be boiled down to….needing one word….”
“Knock, knock.” A visitor is at the door. “No time to stay”, but he talks proudly of his young children. He is proud and happy to be a father. He begins to say, “I really……” , BUT, he’s interrupted by the kid….the one with a thousand questions. A loud voice says, “LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!!! Love is the answer to every (practical) question!!!” The visitor thought the kid had lost it…until they talked, and agreed, love is the answer to at least ONE THOUSAND(+) questions.
Recap: Kid won’t be “happy” until God proves he’s there. Kid gets “proof”. Not good enough, you lie, there are possibly not 1000 answers……….besides, they came too slow to be real, ALSO,….. Ooops. One word…answered…the…1000 questions………..all at once………………………………………………………………………


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