What Happened to the Kid, to die and come back, short and sweet?

The young idealist asked for a miracle….to know the answers to the “question(s) of the ages”…is there a deity, is there really any justice, how does “life” fit into the “big picture”, and more. This is the result….

One day, that was no different than any other, a walk in the park turned into…an unforgettable…occurrence. Two brothers walking, and talking…one says something about death, the other says, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve already…………done it”. In that moment, details, memories of occurrences that hadn’t happened yet (!!?), and information of all sorts….POURED….in.

Afterward, lifes’ focus became this “death download”. At the time, there was no memory of the cause of “the event”.
THE EVENT….Suddenly, there was a tunnel…a valley, really (no top OR bottom!) Rushing forward at unbelievable speed, wondering what is being rushed away from….a look back. The entire universe shrinks to a pinpoint, then GONE in seconds! Turning back forward, still rushing forward ten times as far, there is a sudden stop. There was no one there. There was no THING there. There was no heat. There was no light. How far out was the next……….. anything? There’s you, and NOTHING.

There was no hope! There was no help! There was no LOVE!! There is no TIME!! It felt like it could last forever!! “I must be dead! Well, if I AM dead, then I only need to call”  the name of the One (I believe is the One) who can “save me….”.

Then, a moment to look back at every second of life, and not from a personal perspective only. The things that were said and done in life are also seen from the other peoples’ perspective. Everything the wronged person felt, has come home to roost. Calling out the name….POOF, gone. Now standing…somewhere…looking down toward the ground. WOW!! What the….

Then, conscious of a beautiful light, the natural thing to do is look up. No biggie, simple enough…until it’s realized exactly WHERE this likely is! Thinking this may be the only chance, to find out for yourself, and all you’ve got to do is raise your head. Instead, knees get weak. Must remain standing….. and… look up! It can’t be done!! “This is just like people getting an audience with a king…… and this is likely the king of kings!!”
Yeah, knees get weak, and (they all will) fall to the floor. But, that isn’t enough. Absolutely un”worthy” to be in the same “room” with this person, you’re on your face. (What is lower than on your face?) What is it that makes a person “need” to look up, having only one chance? Is it strength, or weakness?

It seems most would not be able to look into the face of…..the One. It takes all the strength a body can muster to look up, and to see the face, through the brilliant light. The kid…remember the kid…sees the face, and says, “I knew it was true, I KNEW it was true!”

Instantaneously there is conversation and information, that should take months to speak, “available” (and, it’s not for personal use). After agreeing to “go back”, there’s a sense of urgency, but “what about the thousand questions?”. “You will have the answer to your thousand questions”. That means you get to stay, right? Not so fast, buster…….down the dark tunnel (that felt like a bottomless pit!), and back to the living.

Having seen all this, knowing, by the things you’ve seen, that it was so very real, so LARGE it….almost can’t be spoken!  Who needs the answers to those piddly little questions of a little kid? That kid did. So a list was started.


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